What our Parents Say

Passion combined with compassion creates a world of difference.  Coastal Autism Therapy uses both to create a world where the seemingly impossible become possible.  Mrs. Crystal Height and her staff turned my child’s “can’t” into “can do”!  Over a period of six months, I experienced a new child with greater potential and possibilities.

Mrs. C.  May 2012


Military moves are never easy, but this one was the hardest we’ve ever endured. After my sister died in 2006, her 9 year old son came to live with us.  My nephew has Down Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, among other diagnoses.

Crystal attended IEP meetings with us, observed Corey in class, helped us come up with a behavioral intervention plan for both home and school, and helped us turn our lives around again. Corey has made tremendous strides in everything! If it wasn’t for Crystal and her staff, we would have had to put Corey in a home – we were at the point we couldn’t handle him anymore. She was an answer to our prayers!

Mrs. N. May 2012


My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. When we moved to Georgia, it became apparent that my son needed more behavioral help than I was able to provide.  We began services with Coastal Autism Therapy, and as with most children, his progress began slowly. However, when he accepted the process, the change was wonderful. He began doing better in school, had fewer melt-downs and was more social. I couldn’t have found a more loving and dedicated group than Crystal and her staff.  The change in my son has been profound and I will always be grateful for their help. He is now being integrated into typical classrooms and his melt-downs are almost non-existent.

Mrs. S.  June 2012


Our son has been receiving the services of Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. for over nine months.  Mrs. Crystal Height has understood his needs very well. Each issue is taken up seperately, discussed and a behavior plan is put in place.  With intensive ABA, we have seen a big language expansion and reduction of sensory behaviors.  The competence level of the tutors is very impreessive.  The center endeavors to focus on the whole child: all areas [(language, social, academic & self help) are targeted, which provide for the holistic development of the child.
Mrs. M. June 2012