Community Outreach

Helping our Educators and the Community 

Community Outreach Coastal Autism TherapyWorkshops/Training

Crystal Height, MSN, BCBA of Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. is often called upon by private agencies, child care facilities, schools, support groups, parents and other professional groups to present workshops on the application of and effects achieved stemming from Applied Behavior Analysis.  ABA therapy is quite adaptable and can be used in a variety of situations with a variety of populations. Prior topics include:

  •      Using Applied Behavior Analysis to teach individuals with problem behavior
  •      Preparing individuals with autism for doctor’s appointments
  •      What is Applied Behavior Analysis?
  •      Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB)
  •      Effective classroom management strategies and behavioral interventions
  •      The steps to effectively and efficiently toilet train your child

Classroom Staff Training Courses

An essential part of being an educator is ongoing training and professional development.  These training programs may include lectures and hands-on practical workshops.  Training can be held at the school or an off-site location.  We create client-specific training programs to precisely meet the needs of your staff in the following areas:

  •     ABA and Autism
  •     Behavior Reduction
  •     Toilet Training
  •     Functional Assessment
  •     Motivational Strategies
  •     Integration Strategies
  •     Curriculum Development for students with autism
  •     Social Skills Training
  •     Feeding Concerns
  •     Working with Aides/Shadows and related service staff
  •     Development of on-site supervisory staff

Our trainings are not limited to the themes listed above; if your group is looking for a speaker, more information or education on the numerous possibilities on the implementation of ABA, or any one of our services offered, please Contact Us to discuss your focus.