Parent Support and Training Autism

Autism Help and Support for Parents

Autism Support for ParentsSavannah autism resources for parents are here.  Autism Therapy Center, Inc.’s team works with parents and caregivers to develop behavior management techniques that can be used within your home. Our team will help you and your family to set boundaries and schedules of reinforcement that will assist the individual to function at his/her maximal potential in the home and community.

Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. provides consultations to parents that allow them to employ effective strategies at home to address such common concerns as:

  •    Toilet training
  •    Sibling rivalry
  •    Compliance
  •    Rules and routines
  •    Bedtime issues
  •    Homework battles
  •    and more

Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. provides a vast variety of services for our families to include but no limited to:

  •    Provide parent/caregiver support & education
  •    Assist parents/caregiver in the development of IEP/ISP/SNAP plans
  •    Facilitate school/community collaborations with parent/caregiver
  •    24 Hour on-call parent/caregiver consultation and support by BCBA (current client)
  •    Support parents in identifying local and national resources
  •    Assist parents in navigating insurance/payer sources