Customized Solutions for Autism

Center, Home and Community Based ABA Services

Center, Community and Home Services for AutismCoastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. is dedicated to providing modern applied behavior analysis services to individuals, families, and organizations by providing and advocating for clinically effective behavioral treatment.   Our teaching strategies focus on breaking down a particular skill into small, teachable parts and then providing reinforcement contingencies for successful responses.

Customized Solutions for Autism

Our teaching methods enable the individual to remain focused while maintaining a high level of reinforcement. Every program is specifically tailored for each individual and implemented in a distraction-free environment by a trained Behavior Therapist. Our therapists are creative, patient, positive and thoroughly enjoy working with individuals with autism.

Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. provides the following Applied Behavior Analysis services:

Conduct Comprehensive Assessments

  • Develop comprehensive individualized skills acquisition goals and programs
  • Supervise and monitor skills acquisition programs

Conduct Functional Behavioral Assessment/Analysis

  • Analyze results to determine function(s)
  • Develop function based intervention plan
  • Monitor and supervise implementation of the individualized behavior intervention plans
  • Behavior Reduction Program

Utilizing the Latest State of the Art ABA Teaching Techniques

Provide Social Skills Intervention

Intensive Toilet Training Program

Provide consultation for behavior management and skills acquisitions to parents and the interdisciplinary team members

Other related services