Behavior Reduction Programs

Behavior Management and Reduction for Children with Autism

Behavior Reduction for Autism Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. develops specialized behavior reduction programs for individuals who have been diagnosed with autism or other related illnesses.  Our board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) begins by conducting a functional assessment interview with the parents/school staff and behavioral observations in the individual’s center, home, school and/or community setting in an effort to address a wide variety of disruptive behaviors.  Our BCBA then develop and implement strategies specific to each individual.  This may include teaching the individual organization and self-management skills, utilizing visual schedules, setting expectations, providing positive consequences, ignoring maladaptive behavior, arranging an environment or breaking general skills into smaller parts.

Our BCBA also determine the function of the maladaptive behavior through functional assessment/analysis that consists of interviews, observations, data collection and manipulation of environment.  Once the functions of the behaviors have been identified a substitution for the maladaptive behaviors are taught as a functional replacement behaviors utilizing both proactive and reactive strategies.  Behavior excesses are extinguished and replaced with appropriate behaviors.  It is imperative that behavior management procedures be implemented consistently and with adequate repetition across the entire interdisciplinary team.  Effective behavior management requires team work from the entire team to include parents, family, school and all other caregivers.

Common examples of typical problem behavior include, but are not limited to:

  •      Hitting, kicking, biting, scratching and other forms of physical aggression
  •      Self-Injurious behaviors
  •      Screaming
  •      Crying/Whining
  •      Difficulty waiting or accepting “NO”
  •      Noncompliance
  •      Repetitive behaviors
  •      Difficulty with transitioning
  •      Any maladaptive behavior that interferes with the individual’s ability to learn and/or function in his/her environment