Intensive Toilet Training Program

Toilet Training Program for Autistic Children

Intensive Potty Training for Autistic Children Savannah - PoolerCoastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. provides intensive toilet training program with parent training and implementation.  Children affected by an autism spectrum disorder or similar diagnosis can be difficult to toilet train.  Toileting is an essential skill necessary for self-sufficiency and can be a critical obstacle to overcome.  Coastal Autism Therapy Center Inc. therapists begin by meeting with the parents to determine the needs of the individual during the initial assessment.  Here, we define and set goals while assessing the readiness of the individual.  During the toileting program, therapists utilize visual, gestural, model and physical prompts, and avoid any verbal prompts as to when he or she should use the bathroom.  Verbal prompts are avoided, because the individual will become dependent on verbal cues rather than on his or her own senses.

We begin by arranging the environment for success by providing immediate feedback when the individual eliminates.  Reinforcement is provided for successful elimination in the toilet and withheld if accidents occur.  Data is collected for each toileting occurrence as well as specific notes, to inform the parents and additional therapists covering subsequent sessions of progress made.

Procedures are repeated until the individual begins to self-initiate.  If an individual has difficulty with any step of the process, the therapist will back up a step until he or she is successful.  Follow-up is provided following the intensive toilet training session to ensure generalization and maintenance of the toileting skills.