Pivotal Response Training

Increase Motivation and Self Management

pivotal response Training Coastal Autism TherapyPivotal Response Training (PRT) aims to increase an individual’s motivation to learn, monitoring his/her own behavior, and spontaneous initiations of communication with peers and others in the natural environment.  These changes are described as pivotal because they are viewed as helping the individual learn a wide range of other skills.  For example, if an individual is motivated to get access to colorful toys, he or she may quickly learn color names in order to use them when requesting the toys.

Pivotal response training has been proven to be effective in increasing individuals with autism motivation, responsivity to multiple cues, self-management, self-initiations and empathy.  The primary goals of PRT are to move the individuals with autism toward a typical developmental trajectory by targeting a broad number of behaviors and providing individuals with autism the opportunity to lead meaningful lives in natural, inclusive setting.