Social Skills Training

Social Skills Intervention

The therapists at Coastal Autism Therapy Center Inc. work in one-to-one, small group sessions, large group sessions, and organized peer-group social interactions in the community to assist individuals in developing appropriate social skills. The therapist’s role is to teach specific skills, as determined by the functional skills assessment completed by the BCBA.  Social skills are taught through a variety of researched methods to include:

  •    Role play
  •    Written tasks
  •    Natural environment training
  •    Play Skills
  •    Teaching interactions
  •    Social stories
  •    Video modeling
  •    Home assignments
  •    Directed discussions.

Assessment Process

Social Skills Training Coastal Autism TherapyThe assessment for the Social Skills Intervention program is completed by Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Crystal Height, MSN, BCBA. The assessment consists of a parent interview, parent and school survey, and direct observation across multiple environments and populations. This assessment will form the basis by which the intervention plan is developed.  After the assessment, a decision is made with the parents as to the individual’s targeted goals and intervention models. Parents are active partners in the individual’s intervention and their input will be included at all times during the assessment and intervention process.

Implementation Environments

Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. implements social skills training and behavior management in a variety of environments.  Targeted skills are taught in the home and/or center then generalized in the community.

We take trips to:

  •    Bowling Alleys
  •    Movie Theaters
  •    Grocery Stores
  •    Skating Rinks
  •    Parks
  •    Go-karts parks
  •    Arcade facilities
  •    Events in the community

Going out into the community to the above places allows our clients to integrate their social skills obtained through our treatment into their natural environments.