Autism Therapy Center Services

Coastal Autism Therapy ServicesCoastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. provides a variety of services to support families at home, school, in our center, and in the community. We provide quality behavioral services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Our therapy methods are directed towards helping each individual to increase their overall independence and improve their quality of life by initiating  comprehensive assessments such as VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, Vineland, GARS, Brigance, and SSIS just to name a few. We also provide an extensive functional assessment/analysis.

We understand that there is no single solution for the treatment of autism, therefore each plan is specifically tailored for each individual client and implemented in a distraction-free environment by a highly trained behavior therapist. We design our programs to utilize teaching techniques that have been scientifically proven to be the most effective. These techniques include errorless teaching, teaching to fluency, mixing easy and difficult tasks, and mixing and varying targets. Our teaching strategies focus on breaking down certain skills into smaller, teachable parts and then providing reinforcement contingent upon correct responses. Our programs also address deficits in the areas of communication, social skills, visual performance, receptive language, play skills, self-help, gross motor, fine motor, vocal imitation, requesting, labeling, intraverbal, mand training, answering questions and conversational skills.

We provide education, training, treatment, and consultation services to public and private schools, agencies, individual families, and other behavioral and non-behavioral professionals.

In addition, to individual behavior program development and staff training and development, Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. develops and implements behavioral programs and systems designed for public and private agencies. Our clients have included agencies committed to providing ongoing outstanding services, newly established agencies, and established agencies that want to improve the effectiveness of their behavioral services. We also conduct training courses, workshops, and seminars designed to teach others how to provide the most effective education and treatment possible. We provide clinical services and training throughout southeastern Georgia and South Carolina diagnosed with autism and other related disorders.

We are certain that each individual has the potential to lead a productive and functional life if given the proper guidance and correct tools to do so.  Thus, it is our responsibility at Coastal Autism Therapy Center, Inc. to provide our clients with the tools they require.  These tools include communicational skills, play skills, social skills, behavior management, and functional living skills. We are dedicated to striving that each client leaves with the ability to successfully use the skills taught to function in their everyday life.

Who We Serve

ABA and Behavioral Services are provided to children and adults with:

  •      Autism Spectrum Disorder
  •      Asperger’s Syndrome
  •      Behavioral Disorders
  •      ADD/ADHD
  •      Speech and Language Delays
  •      Fragile X Syndrome
  •      Downs Syndrome
  •      Other developmental disabilities

While our methodology varies with the needs of the individual, we specialize in providing the following therapies which we have found successful:

Discrete Trial Training
Verbal Behavior
Natural Environment Training
Pivotal Response Training